Is there possibly a landscape more idyllic than blue blue waters against blue blue skies…? The harmony of such a calming colour in unity is one that fills me with a soothing spirit. When you think of blue waters, you immediately think of the usual suspects; The Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji..etc. Well as one for the unconventional, here is a little list of my favourite places where you can find the same deep piercing blues…


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Steamy smoke against the creamy pale blues…the Blue Lagoon paints quite the enchanting image. Not only is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it is also a wonderful place to soak and unwind. The mud in the lagoon is extremely good for your skin and upon arrival you are granted an unlimited amount of algae face mask that you can slap on and rinse off in the big blue baths themselves. Quite honestly the most soothing and wonderful two hours I have ever enjoyed in a body of such blue blue waters.

*Tip; The minerals lagoon water really SERIOUSLY messes up your hair. So unless you plan on soaking your hair in bucket loads of conditioner afterwards, I would highly suggest keeping it tied up and out of the way. Other than that, enjoy!

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Who knew that this kind of Caribbean style beach could ever exist in the lovely country we call home? Rumour has it that sometimes swimwear campaigns for big brands such as H&M are photographed in our faux Cornish Carribbeans…! I would believe it with the fine sand and gorgeous bright turquoise waters, utter paradise!

*Tip; I have yet to go in the height of summer but from my experience this part of the ocean is to be seen and probably not felt. Chilly chilly waters but a great area for hiking as well as catch at play at the incredibly picturesque cliffside Minack theatre…

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The best place for the triple blue is undoubtedly Santorini – the pool, the sea and the sky. When paired with the minimal gorgeous white walls of the Greek Islands  and you have the most dreamy combination of blues and whites. Ymerovigli is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited (Better than the more popular village Oia as it is way less touristy and more boutique chic).

*Tip; Stay in Astra Suite or Kapari Resort for the most lush Ymerovigli experience. The bar at Astra looks like something aboard a Bond Villian Super Yacht!

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Aptly named, Icebergs is a white and blue pool staple popular with the Aussies and travellers around. It is especially loved by the Insta-set as you can take the most spectacular photos at this pool complex. The waves of Bondi beach regularly crash into the side of the salt water pools and allow you to experience a fresh seaside dip, without the fear of sharks, dusty sand and unknown depths.

*Tip; Grab a table at the restaurant in Bondi Icebergs for a pre poolside munch to get some amazing views in whilst sipping a glass of chilled champagne!

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This hidden gem of a cove in the beautiful island of Oahu is a secret little find that I discovered during my time in Hawaii. It is off the side of a cliff side drive and requires a little downhill hike through leafy shrubbery to get to the powder soft sands and blue blue waters. Absolutely stunning ocean scape and a lovely little spot that allows you to bask in the sun and the walls of the cove shields you from the winds. Bring beach towels, a good book and a picnic lunch for the most fantastic day out.

*Tip; the waves are extremely rough in this cove so take extra caution before going for a swim. Also there are no bathrooms around so the ocean may be your only resource!

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    1. Iceland is definitely beautiful! Will put up a little guide on how to best travel through Iceland soon – keep your eyes out!!!


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