Your Eat, Breathe, Bali Guide

Bali, the land of acai bowls, waterfall hikes and yoga lifestyle. This place is the ultimate hippie chic destination for those looking to escape the bustling city 9 to 5 routine. Think straw wicker bags, wild jungle swings and an endless expanse of never-ending rice terraces to explore. Bali has completely adapted to the current health food and Instagram trend and is the most cold-pressed juice friendly and insta-worthy travel destination I have been to yet. Be it to relax, eat or explore, here are my top ten things to do in Bali.

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  1. Drop in for a yoga class at Yoga Barn

Bali is quite a popular place for yoga and spiritual retreats and is filled with lots of amazing and beautiful yoga studios. My absolute favourite is Yoga barn, this gorgeous yoga complex spans two floors and is populated by locals and yogis from all over. The classes are well paced and you’re able to book single classes and walk in easily. We tried a 7am morning flow class which was a really easy class that eased us back into the yogi routine. We also attended a complimentary Yoga class at our hotel in Kamandalu, which was far more fast paced and similar to classes taught at The Power Yoga Company in London.


  1. Order a Floating Breakfast at your hotel

Ah, the insta-famous Balinese floating breakfasts. Have you even BEEN to Bali if you didn’t experience breakfast in a pool? Try to book into a hotel that offers this as it really is such a relaxing way to start your day. We had the pleasure of having a champagne breakfast in the private pool of our villa at Kamandalu Hotel and it was absolutely dreamy.


  1. Visit the epic Nung Nung Waterfalls

We looked at lots of waterfalls and decided to go to this one because it was absolutely epic looking and had these rustic wooden bridges that you had to cross in front (great photo op). This site was also not as busy as some of the other waterfalls around which was fantastic. Although this 100% is because to get to the waterfall, you have a little hike down several steps (okay, A LOT of steps) which is fine until you have to walk back up… I nearly passed out on the way up but it was so worth it. So if you don’t mind a bit of a workout, definitely visit this waterfall.


  1. Check out the Cekingan Rice Terraces

So we went during December – which weather-wise was beautiful but also meant that the rice terraces were harvested and were brown instead of the fluffy green you normally would see. We visited Cekingan instead of the super popular Teralang Rice Terraces to avoid the tourist surge and it was still quite busy. So I can only imagine how busy Teralang gets! The streets leading to the terraces sell some pretty amazing stuff – there’s a great wicker bag store near the parking lot en route to see the terraces so be sure to pick up your wicker bag there. After viewing the terraces, be sure to pop into one of the rustic wooden cafes and order a chilled ice cappuccino to sip whilst you enjoy the view!


  1. Embrace your inner Tarzan / Jane on a Jungle Swing

The famous jungle swings are a must-do in Bali, they’re little rope swings that basically propel you forward into the jungle. They’re a lot less scary than they look and the views (and photos) are ridiculous. We didn’t go to the super famous Bali Swings and went to one nearer to the Cekingan Rice Terraces instead, which meant zero queues and exactly the same experience!


  1. Visit the beautiful Ulun Danu Beratin Temple

This temple is a beautiful complex in the North of the island beside the water. It is filled with locals and tourists alike and a great place to visit if you’re in the area. The architecture is detailed and intricate, with the temples set against the water it is quite a picturesque site. Be prepared for lots and lots of tourists to be there also!


  1. Take advantage of a beautiful photo opportunity at Handara Golf Resort

Okay, so this is a bit of a weird one. This gate is insta-famous but It’s not actually a monument or attraction. It is in fact a entry gate to a golf course resort. However, it really is such a beautiful place and amazing to visit for photographs. We visited here alongside the Ulun Danu Beratin Temple as they’re right next to each other.


  1. Go shopping at Seminyak

Seminyak is filled with super cute Aussie swimwear, vegan café’s and hippie jewellery brands. Be sure to pop into Wanderlust swim for some gorgeously made minimal swimwear and tops. We didn’t leave enough time to shop and really wish we did as there was so much to see and so many cute things that we would have loved to bring home. Shirts from Skylar Yoo


  1. Have delicious ice cream at Mad Pops

Once again, another Bali insta staple. In Mad Pops’ case, their neon light brings all the girls to the yard. That and who can refuse ice cream? So the thing about insta-famous places is that I am always so skeptical about what the food actually tastes like. However, with the case of Mad Pops I was pleasantly surprised. Their ice cream is Vegan, which they make using coconut milk and they are absolutely delicious. Like, out of this world yum. I never finish my ice cream as I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but I finished this one. I ordered the delicious (and super cute) rainbow coconut flavor and was blown away. Definitely a must visit if you’re in the Depensar area. It is a perfect mid shop pick me up treat!


  1. Brunch at Kynd Community

This is EVERYWHERE on Instagram – the pink walls, pink lattes and most famously, the beautiful smoothie bowls with cut fruit that spell out your name. Kynd community is a vegan restaurant that is a huge advocate of kindness to animals and each other, which is a pretty special message to remember. The food is delicious, amazing big salads and gorgeous smoothies. It is light and a perfect lunch in the warm Balinese weather. Try to score the table near the pink wall for the super cute pic. It is near Depensar so we visited it en route to the airport on our last day.


Now check out Bali’s Prettiest Places to Eat and some Essential Bali Travel Tips.

7 thoughts on “Your Eat, Breathe, Bali Guide

  1. Hi! Thank you for your guide and beautiful photos! Just wondering how many days you stayed in Bali? Trying to plan a trip there too!


    1. Hey Vivian!!
      We actually only stayed 3 nights but because of our crazy planning and AMAZING driver (his number is in my Essential Bali Travel Tips article!!), we managed to fit everything into those four days!!! Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!



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