Breakfast in Bed at Four Seasons Hampshire

THE BREAKFAST Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the gentle rush of water can be heard from a bath being run in the opulent marble bathroom next door. Sip on your hot cup of coffee whilst you peruse the papers in your soft white robe, looking for something interesting, but not too taxing, to bring in the morning with. The warm smell of flaky pastry mixed with melting butter slowly wafts to your nose as you bring the croissant up to your mouth for a big crispy bite. Eat, sip and repeat until the bath is full and the bubbles are invitingly overflowing. Such was our beautiful Sunday morning at the Four Seasons Hotel, we requested a late check out and relaxed in our room until a lazy 1pm. Leisurely getting dressed whilst sipping on more warm coffee as the sun slowly streamed in through the windows, thinking of our day ahead on the beautiful estate.

Bakery Basket with Homemade Pastries, Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Brioche Muffin, Brioche French Toast with Orange Marmalade, Pot of Coffee with Milk. 

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in a Heritage King Room at Four Seasons Hampshire on a press rate, prices starting at £500 a night, breakfast order starting at £15 per person.

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