THE HOTEL Situated a stones throw from the arrivals hall of Stansted airport, the Radisson Blu Stansted is the perfect pre and post flight rest stop for the efficient traveller. Unlike your usual unimpressionable airport hotel, the Radisson is a glossy marble filled structure complete with jazzy bar and glass wine tower. Following a sparkling refurbishment that was completed just this summer, the hotel’s social spaces as well as guest rooms have undergone an upgrade in furniture and design. The hotel’s facilities also include an impressive fitness space called The Pace Health Club, where guests can use the pool, sauna, gym as well as attend exercise classes in their studio. In terms of dining, the hotel’s main restaurant, Station 169 is aptly titled to reflect the history of Stansted airport’s past as a US army air force base during World War Two and serves American cuisine. The thing with Radisson Blu Stansted is that they are very in tune with portraying moments in British culture and history. Quite similar to the story of the restaurant’s army heritage, you will find that the hotel’s specialty cocktails are inspired by specific moments in English history, which guests can learn about as they take a sip or two at the bar.

THE BREAKFAST Breakfast in bed at Radisson Blu Stansted comes in a beautiful rustic wooden tray. In fact, it is quite possible the most photogenic breakfast tray I have see so far. Complete with the lovely blue and white stripe kitchen towels and assortment of clay tone mugs and you have an extremely stylish breakfast set up. The signature piece of my meal was the cheesy yet not too heavy ham, cheese and onion omelette, this followed by a cheese plate and some fruit was my dream breakfast. For the sweet tooths out there, there is yogurt and granola as well as pancakes on offer. My suggestion is to order the breakfast, have a luxurious shower using their high tech soft spray shower heads and then lounge in bed with your breakfast tray and a magazine while the sun streams in slowly through the floor to ceiling window. If that isn’t the perfect way to wake up then I don’t know what is.

Omelette, Cheese Plate, Granola and Yogurt, Americano with Milk.

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in the Premium Room at Radisson Blu Stansted, prices starting at £189 per night, Breakfast order is a la carte starting at £10 a main per person.


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