Le Narcisse Blanc

THE HOTEL In between the charming Pont Alexandre III and La Tour Eiffel is Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa. The hotel has a beautiful story, as it is inspired by one of Paris’s timeless muses, the beautiful Cleo de Merode, a dancer, actress and artist that inspired the of Gustav Klimt, Toulouse Lautrec and Marcel Proust during the glittering Belle Epoque era of Paris. The name is derived from a nickname placed upon her by the composer Hahn Reynaldho of ‘pretty little narcissus’, hence the name Le Narcisse Blanc. The hotel’s interiors are extremely chic, and be sure to pay a visit to the beautiful spa and pool downstairs to rejuvinate and detox from your busy Parisian trip.

THE ROOM When staying in a beautiful 5 star hotel such as Le Narcisse Blanc, Breakfast in Bed is a must. The room interiors are opulent with gilded golden lining and plus furnishings, push open the curtains and open your window for a classic french balcony. The perfect spot for those oh so Parisienne photoshoots by the window. Oh and before I forget to mention, your room at Le Narcisse Blanc will come with a big TV complete with a selection of the latest films, we popped on Fifty Shades Darker but some ominous yet romantic vibes. Pretty fitting with to the hotel’s theme with their elegant yet mysterious masquerade ball and romance. I cannot imagine a more luxurious way to Netflix and Chill, with breakfast in bed, in Paris. Come to Le Narcisse Blanc for the ultimate romantic escape.

THE BREAKFAST Breakfast in bed is offered completely to order my favourite way, via an elegant menu and wooden pencil where you tick selections and daintily hang on your door handle. We chose a selection of fluffy pancakes, creamy omelette and of course, as we are in France, a selection of crumbly and flaky pastries. Everything comes on a beautiful rolling table, complete with the latest happenings in

Omelette, Pancakes, Pastry Basket, Juices, Latte.

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in the Chambre Deluxe at Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel, prices starting at £457 per night, Breakfast order is a la carte starting at £10 per person.

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