THE BREAKFAST The Lotus room at Hambleton Hall is the bedroom of my dreams. From the soft pale blue canopy above the bed to the luxurious matching textiles, this is the kind of room I would imagine Kiera Knightley (Lizzie) in Pride and Prejudice would have decorated post marriage to the wealthy Mr. Darcy. With such a magnificent room to bask in, it would be a crime to waste a single moment outside of it and so an in-room breakfast is naturally a must when you visit Hambleton Hall. The breakfast in question, is of course equally exceptional. True to the hotel’s very unique attention to detail, the in-room breakfast comes in a wooden tray lined with pressed linen, and complete with the latest newspaper of your preference, pretty porcelain tea cup sets, matching plates and even a silver dish cover to keep your cooked breakfast warm. We ordered the classic English Breakfast and it was brilliant. Every section of the fry up was cooked to perfection, with my favourites being the yolky fried egg and the crisp sausage. All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and the bread is baked in-house. My suggestion, run a bubble bath whilst you sip your cuppa and wait for your breakfast. Then post bath, lounge in bed for as long as possible while you slowly make your way through the breakfast and indulge in a very luxurious and indulgent morning. Hambleton Hall was an absolute dream, and I am counting the days till I can visit again.

Go classic with a Full English Breakfast, Fresh Orange Juice, Bread Basket, English Breakfast Tea.

Steph Yt Travels is in the Lotus Room at Hambleton Hall, prices starting at £405 per night and £210 per night for a Standard room, in room Breakfast order is a la carte. Hambleton Hall has on-site charging stations for Tesla Motors.

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