Bali’s Prettiest Places to Eat

 Bali has hands down the largest amount of super cute cafés and food places, there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to make up your mind. For more additional guides to Bali, take a look at my Eat Breathe Bali Guide and check out my Essential Travel Tips for Bali! If you’re planning on visiting Ubud and Depensar, you’ll find that they’re quite far away so I have grouped the restaurants according to their proximity to these two cities! Restaurants are gorgeous and serve great food, so without further ado here is a roundup of my favourite places for food in Bali, enjoy!



Kynd Community

This insta-famous café is known for its beautiful pink walls (yes we love pink on insta haha), and more importantly its super cute smoothie bowls where they can spell out your name in delicious fresh mango slices. This café is a fully vegan joint and advocates kindness to nature, animals and each other, which is a pretty special and important message. The food is delicious, even for meat eater standards. Be sure to order a smoothie bowl as not only are they cute, they are so delicious and cooling on a hot day. Try to get there early or at non-peak times to score a table in front of the cute pink wall. Also if you ask nicely, they might retract their awning for you to get a nice natural light photo against the wall!

IMG_1874-2IMG_1922-2Nalu Bowls

If you’re into acai smoothie bowls and fresh tropical fruit, Nalu bowls will be your idea of paradise. To be completely honest, I’m actually not a fan of acai bowls because I just don’t like the taste of the Acai berry. However, they do alternates and I fell in love with the cinnamon banana peanut butter bowl – it was creamy, nutty and fresh. All their fruits are sweet, brightly coloured and extremely fresh. Everything is healthy and dreamy and absolutely ideal if you’re looking for a light lunch. For the brave, try the dragon fruit acai bowls as dragon fruit is extremely delicious here in Bali.


Mad Pops

Mmm who else is mad for ice cream when they’re a tourist? I know I am! Gelato in Italy and… vegan ice cream in Bali! I know, vegan ice cream sounds questionable. But Mad Pops makes theirs with creamy coconut as a substitute for milk, and it is ridiculously good. This place is insta-famous due to its neon light and cute 50’s diner décor, but little did I know that the ice cream was legit. I ordered a creamy rainbow coconut flavour and devoured it whole. This place is cute AND delicious. Winning! It’s a tiny place so don’t expect to find a table (as there are none), and be prepared to time your order if you want a photo against the wall as there might be a queue!


Sea Circus

The cutest café that serves an abundance of colourful food from fresh Poke bowls, rainbow avo-filled salads and crispy cinnamon churros. Sea circus is easy to recognize from the outside due to its colourful murals – it’s a great place for some photos as well as a great pick me up spot for lunch. Their smoothies are also delicious! Be sure to get a mirror selfie in the loo’s as they have a pretty epic looking beauty mirror!




If you’re into really well prepared food with a chilled vibe, visit Kafe. This Ubud based restaurant is really popular with Bali residents and filled with chilled yogis and students with their laptops out. The food totally blew us away – never have I enjoyed a salad as much as I did here. It was filled with all sorts of yummy goodness and a rainbow of colours. They also do serve some really delicious healthy local options such as a healthy Nasi Goreng which my friend ordered and I was really jealous about because it tasted better than the non-healthy Nasi Goreng we had the night before.


Hujan Locale

This trendy restaurant spans two stories and is housed in a beautiful breezy Balinese building. Upstairs is the main dining area and it has windows on both sides of the restaurant, which allows an abundance of natural light to fill in. Food is local fusion, so you’ll find mild Balinese curries, stir frys and soups. A beautiful spot for a classy lunch and a glass of chilled wine.


Coffee shop in Cekingan Terraces

On our walk back to the carpark at Cekingan Terraces, we stumbled upon a wooden tree top vibe coffee shop which served the most delicious iced cappuccinos in the cutest glass vases. It was the perfect place for us to put down our cameras, sip our ice coffees and truly enjoy the views of the beautiful terraces.


Kamandalu Hotel floating breakfast

The floating breakfast is something that many hotels offer in Bali, so be sure to book yourself into a hotel that offers it if you want to try this out. It may be pricey depending on which hotel you’re booked at but it is so worth it! We had the champagne floating breakfast at Kamandalu and it was the ultimate island luxury to have breakfast in a bikini under the palm trees and warm tropical sun in our private villa pool!


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