Grand Hotel Tremezzo

THE HOTEL is what you imagine the setting to a Grace Kelly movie would be, classically elegant, luxurious and exuding old world class. It almost seems as if the property has been paused in time with interiors and grandeur still reminiscent of its Belle Époque past, yet with all the comforts of our modern millennium. Situated in a prime position in Lake Como, the lobby, terrace, restaurant, bar and most of the rooms all have to-die-for views of the glimmering lake and its magnificent mountains. This gem of a hotel is family run, and you can really see that in the care and love reflected in the stylish accents and attention to detail throughout the property. The Hotel’s grounds include a gorgeous garden complete with paths upwards for a spectacular lake view, a marina with a fleet of sleek wooden and leather boats, a floating lake pool, a newly renovated kitchen and spa conversion and finally two more pools (one in the spa area and one tropical near the gardens with lake views) because one pool is simply not enough. And rightly so, because when the sun shines in Lake Como there really is nowhere you would rather be than on a deck chair by the pool, or lake pool, Aperol spritz in hand and living your Dolce Vita life to its fullest.

THE ROOM You can’t really go wrong with a room at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, although if you’re like me and visit the property to indulge in the old world glamour, then a lake facing classic style room is for you. We stayed in the Lake View Prestige Room, room 312 to be exact and we had the most magnificent views of the lake, the perfect sized room and in my opinion the best bathroom the hotel had to offer. It was completely paved in shining marble. For those who want a more modern offering, the top four corners where the Junior Suite with Rooftop Terrace are situated offer a more contemporary style, complete with large balconies and private hot tubs. For ultimate luxury and glamour, go for the stunning Suite Greta. Named after Greta Garbo, who needs no further introduction, the Suite is simply perfection with a sprawling terrace complete with private dining table, sun beds and a large round marble bathtub. Not to mention a resplendent dining and living area complete with plush sofas and glossy coffee table books. That said, I still have such a soft spot for our gorgeous room 312 and would recommend it without hesitation for anyone who visits Grand Hotel Tremezzo for the first time.

THE BREAKFAST Amongst all the beautiful things you will find delicately perched on your bed after turn-down service, is a thick embossed orange holder with a crisp card that you can fill out with a wooden pencil. This is your a la Carte breakfast menu and it holds the key to some mouthwatering items. The star of the in-room breakfast is the assortment of, what I’d like to call, “fancy” eggs including scrambled eggs with caviar, crab and more. We went for the more simple yet equally indulgent selection of smoked salmon, Parma ham, pastry basket and fruit salad. The salmon is delicious and oily with quite a smoky taste, the Parma ham is – well, you’re in Italy so it’s something that is naturally done well. The pastries are fresh, buttery and flaky and the fruits are insatiably sweet. Pair this with a proper Italian cappuccino and you’re in for a real treat. I’d suggest running a bubble bath while you sip on your coffee, peruse the New York Times and finish your breakfast in leisure. Take a dip in your relaxing bath and finally, feeling fresh, warm and dazed, don your soft robe and cushioned slippers and stroll over to the balcony. Softly savour the tart yet sweet glass of fruit on your tongue as you daydream in the sun and gaze at the little boats criss crossing the sparkling lake. I guarantee you it will be a morning to remember.


Smoked Salmon, Parma Ham, Fruit Basket, Pastry Basket, Grapefruit + Orange Juice, Cappuccino.

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in the Lake View Prestige Room (312) prices starting at £650 per night. Breakfast order dependant on items range from £25 per person and upwards.

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