THE HOTEL The charming Widbrook Grange Hotel is everything you would expect from the perfect countryside getaway. The interiors are so stylish, it makes country living covetable. The style is reminiscent of Soho Farmhouse, with rustic wooden accents, intricate tiling and an all around trendy vibe. It is definitely the place to visit if you are looking for a chic countryside retreat but have yet to acquire your Soho House membership. The Farmhouse is a stones throw from the extremely picturesque Bradford-on-Avon, a quaint and pretty market town that is well worth your time to stroll through. A short drive away is the insta-famous Castle Coombe, which isn’t actually a castle but a small little village. It is great little place for a spot of tea and a photography stroll. After your day of exploring, arrive back to Widbrook and start the night with a tasting of their huge selection of more than 150+ gins at the Gin Bar. Each gin is artfully paired with a complimentary tonic water (of which I discovered contain more than just Fever Tree or Schwepps) and is topped with complimentary garnishes that accent the gin’s botanical flavours. Dinner at Widbrook consists of beautifully made dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients, from venison to fresh fishes, the menu is simple yet bursting with flavour. All the rooms at the hotel consist of a different design, so be sure to have a little browse and request your favourite upon booking. And if you’re lounging around the hotel during the day, don’t miss out on saying a warm hello to the farmhouse pup, a charming little poodle named Ginny!

THE BREAKFAST Who needs Breakfast in Bed when you can have a luxurious Breakfast in Bath? The Super Deluxe Double rooms come with a sumptuous bathtub right in the corner of the bedroom so you can soak and still have a chat to your bedmate, ideal really since baths can get so lonely. The in-room breakfast comes on a rustic wooden tray which coincidentally fits perfectly over the width of the bathtub! The menu features all typical English classics such as Eggs and Soldiers, Granola and Yogurt and Eggs most ways. Definitely try to order a dish that features their crispy homemade bread, you won’t regret it! I went for a nice and easy Eggs and Soldiers as it didn’t require much cutlery and I could easily dip my little eggs with one hand, whilst reading a book with the other. Turn on some soft music from their retro radio whilst you soak your worries away, sipping on a creamy latte whilst the sun slowly streams in through the windows. Can you imagine a more perfect morning?

Eggs and Soliders, Eggs Benedict, Bread Basket, Granola and Yogurt, Latte.

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in the Super Deluxe Double Room at Widbrook Grange, prices starting at £160 per night and £85 per night for a Cosy Double, in room Breakfast order is a la carte. Driven with Tesla Motors.

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