Airship 002: Coolest Air B&B ever?

Never have I stayed in a more amazing place than the Airship 002!! This unique Air B&B is the ultimate highlight of our week-long road trip through Scotland and I cannot WAIT to be back. The airship is situated up on a little hill near the Isle of Mull and it’s prime location means that it offers the most exceptional views over the water. From it’s exceptional architecture to brilliantly matched interiors, the Airship 002 is a gorgeous little hidden gem in the Scottish highlands.

How do I get there?

We drove up from Edinburgh and it took us around 4 hours (it is around 3.5 hours from Glasgow and Inverness so it just depends on which city you prefer to drive in from). A car is a MUST to get to this unique home. From Edinburgh, the drive through the Scottish Highlands is extremely scenic so I would suggest this slightly longer route if you are here for sightseeing. Be sure to try go for a rest stop at Loch Lubnaig and make SURE you drive through Glencoe (the iconic mountains where they filmed Skyfall and many amazing films!!) on your way up from Edinburgh. From there, Google maps will direct you on a route that takes you to a ferry. This is the Corran – Ardgour ferry and will cost around £8 one way and take approx 8-10 mins to cross the little loch. It is super easy and a fun little addition to your trip, not to mention if you choose to go around you will add around an hour up to your time. The ferry man takes card, so don’t worry about cash.

Any travel tips?

Try to arrive in the day. We arrived just as the sun had set so it was still dusk when we arrived. But once we hit pitch black around 10 minutes from the Airship, even with the maps we found navigation quite difficult. When it is close to your reservation, the host will send you a map which you should keep on hand as you get closer to the Airship. You will be asked to go through a deer gate (make sure it is a gate that has deer gate marked on it!) which you must get out and open, then close behind you, and from there it is a 5 min or so drive. You will pass an old looking house and be asked to park behind it. From there it is a 1 min walk to the airship and the road is littered with signs so it will be easy to find!

Do I need to bring food?

BIG YES for this. I would recommend popping into one of those massive Morissons or Tesco’s on your way and stocking up for your entire stay. Nothing oven baked as there is no oven, but everything is fine as you will have a hob, microwave, kettle and toaster. There is a small village shop after you take the ferry if you need to stock up further but nothing else from there onwards. Tap water is drinkable so you don’t have to worry about water, and if you’re lucky, there should be a nice little bottle of wine for you upon arrival! Also smart to plan your meals so you aren’t left with too much left over or worse, not enough!! Seafood in Scotland is great, so I would recommend that.

How spacious is it?

So the airship is a lot more spacious than it may look on camera or images. We spent an entire day just lazing around the airship and we did not feel cooped up or claustrophobic at all, which might be due to the fact that the airship is split into three sections of living spaces and the big glass domed windows make it feel very airy. There are two exits, one at the front that leads you to a balcony overlooking the water and then one at the back where you enter (which we didn’t find a lock to by the way haha). In terms of numbers, there was just two of us and I think that is a good number to visit as there is only one bed. There is a sofa if you want to add an extra person but you will have to check booking rules.

What are the facilities like? (Wifi, hot water, heating…etc)

Facilities at the Airship 002 were amazing. So much more than what I expected. There was working Wifi and hot water. Except when showering, wait for the water to warm up a little bit before jumping in (and put it on the high function, not eco, if you want a warm shower!). The hob is a little electric hob, similar to ones I used growing up when I had Hot Pot for dinner with my family. This one heats up FAST. Faster than my gas hobs back home so it was AMAZING for cooking. We made Seafood pasta, mussels, fried fish, the works! There is no dishwasher and no laundrette, so be prepared to hand wash dishes and pack enough clothes for your stay. The fire in the Airship is easy to use and heats up quite quickly. It get super cosy and warm in the Airship if the fire is going, to the point where we had to open some windows at times! Don’t rely on the heaters around the house as they don’t do much. Extra firewood is under the couch and we also found some chopped up outside near the un-used house next door. It gets very toasty in the airship so you don’t have to worry about packing warm PJ’s!

What kind of weather should I expect and clothes should I pack?

We stayed there during Mid December (11-10) and it was around 6 degrees, with practically zero wind. I think we were just lucky with the weather as it didn’t get too cold. From photographs, it seems that the area does get snow so just plan in accordance. As mentioned above, the airship heats up quickly with the fire so you don’t have to dress too warm unless you are planning on doing a lot of walking around the area. If just driving and relaxing, normal clothes are fine. The terrain if you are hiking is fine as well with just trainers, bring hiking boots if you have them but it should be fine.

Are pet’s allowed?

From previous guest reviews, puppies have definitely had a stay at the airship so I think that’s a yes! A great place for a pet to run around and swim in the waters!

How long should I stay?

We stayed for 2 nights only (as it is the minimum) but I would recommend staying for at least 3-5 nights. I only wish we stayed longer as it was so secluded and peaceful. It is a great place to come for a romantic getaway, to do work (write a book??) or to just come and explore the great outdoors. Next time I am back, I will definitely stay for at least up to 4 nights to truly be able to enjoy and relax.

How much is it per night?

When I booked it was around £150 a night – such an absolute STEAL in my opinion!

Any other tips?

Be sure to bring a great working camera as you will want to take a lot of photographs. Bring some books and boardgames also as it is nice to put the screens away while you are there and just enjoy some downtime. Be sure to look out the porthole window by the bed, you will be surprised by the most gorgeous view!

How about Photography spots?

For that insta shot, definitely get a photo walking up the stairs with the loch and the airship in view. Another good shot is a cute one through the porthole in the door with the loch view. And of course the interiors are amazing so you can have fun shooting every corner there.

Okay, sounds great! How do I book?
Easy – first, click to use my link for a discount on Air B&B and then click link below to book the Airship!  

Discount Link –

Airship Link –

Hope you have an amazing time and please tag me on instagram @stephyttravels or leave a comment below if you visit the Airship!, I would love to hear about your experiences!

**This article was not in collaboration with Air B&B or the Airship 002, as always all opinions are my own!

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4 thoughts on “Airship 002: Coolest Air B&B ever?

    1. Hi Anna,

      100%! This is definitely the most gorgeous way to explore Scotland!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend and thank you for looking at my blog!!

      Xo Steph


  1. In love with this Steph and my husband and I really enjoyed your cute little tour. I’m guessing it’s just the one, there isn’t another one nearby? Would be so much fun to go with our girls. Scarlett x


    1. Hi Scarlett! So glad you love it! Unfortunately there is only enough space for two, however they are building a beautiful house nearby called the Pilot’s house which will be ready for June and have space for four! You and your husband should maybe try a little romantic getaway here, so very peaceful and wonderful! Xxx


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