Breakfast at Ritz Carlton Abama


As the sun rises slowly over the dreamy rooftop domes at the Ritz Carlton Abama, a smiling staff rolls in a tablecloth clad trolley laden with steaming hot breakfast items. ‘In bed or on the terrace?” She asks, we decide to enjoy the sunshine out on the terrace. We lounge on the daybeds soaking in the sunshine while our breakfast feast is gingerly placed on the beautiful clay table tops. Bright corals, sparkling yellows and vibrant reds, our breakfast at the Ritz Carlton Abama is a plethora of warm jewel tones in the form of hot peppers, yolky eggs and creamy papaya. As the terrace slowly warms up from the sun, cool down with an iced coffee sipped whilst flipping through a magazine on the day bed. The perfect morning at the perfect hotel.


Spanish eggs (this was the ultimate dish with fried eggs, chorizo and a tomato salsa), pastry basket, fresh fruit plate, iced coffee, orange juice and papaya juice. 

Steph Yt Travels is featuring the Royal Suite at Ritz Carlton Abama, prices for a Junior Suite room starting at £271 per night. Breakfast order is a la carte starting at £15 a main per person.

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