Your Guide to Disneyland Paris

Ah Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. My childhood is filled with the fondest memories of visiting their theme parks. I grew up visiting the Disneyland parks in Tokyo and then the one in Hong Kong (which is my absolute favourite to this day) and I never once felt bored or tired of them. Disney has always held such a special place in my heart with the meaningful movies and characters they have created over the years that when I found out that Disneyland Paris was interested in working with me on my trip to Paris, I was absolutely over the moon!! And without further ado, here is a little guide on how to visit Disneyland Paris (trust me, it is VERY easy to visit from Paris for a day!)

First things first, how to get to Disneyland Paris? For those who think it is super complicated, that is not true. Disneyland Paris can be reached easily within 1.5 hours from Paris centre via metro. For those who want to go directly to Disneyland from London, there is also a Eurostar journey that can take you straight there.

For those who are staying in Paris and want to pop over for the day, put CHESSY in your google maps (Gare de Marne La Vallee Chessy is what you’re looking for!) and route from there. Usually you can access this station via the RER train directly and it should approx take 1 hour. However this summer, the RER is under renovation until sept 1st so we took the metro to the station , we We were staying in Paris near the Opera station, so we travelled to Disney via the metro to Berault station and walked from there for 7mins to reach Vincennes and hopped on the A train towards Marne La vallee Chessy! So it is still 100% still accessible without the RER, not to mention the route from Berault to Vincennes is fully signposted with the words Parc Disneyland for tourists who are making the journey to the park. I would allow 1.5-2 hours for travel if you are going without RER.

Once you arrive into the station Marne La Vallee Chessy, you are at Disneyland Park and if you head out and turn right you will be at the entrance to the main Disneyland Park for security.

In terms of opening hours, it varies on season but usually the park opens at 10am and shuts at 8pm. During the summer months, there are days where the park will shut at 11pm, so be sure to check their Park Hours Page before you go! Ticket prices when bought at the door are more expensive, so if possible try to pre-purchase online. The going rate at the moment is £65 for a MAGIC ticket per adult for one day. If you want, I would recommend getting a 2 day ticket as there really is a lot to explore and if you want to do all the rides, by the time you have queued you will probably need two days to explore it all.

Wear comfortable walking shoes – this is the most important part as Disneyland means alot of walking and standing in queues for the rides. Comfy sneakers or flat shoes are a must! Cute outfits such as little dresses or skirts are totally fine as most of the rides you are sitting in a car, nothing too strenuous that would ruin your outfit. I’d also bring a jacket that you tie around your waist or in your bag for when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly. Bring water bottles for when it’s a hot day and if you are going to be on your phones all day, a portable charger is a good idea too so you can make sure you are able to map yourself home by the end of the day.

We ate and drank inside the park as we didn’t want to bring anything with us. You should be allowed to bring water into the park but I’m not sure if rules have changed. There are water fountains near all the bathrooms in the parks so you can refill your bottles as you go throughout the day! For food, we ordered food inside the Fantasyland banquet restaurant and it was honestly so good. I was pleasantly surprised. My friend Charlotte is vegan and she was able to eat a salad and fries, whereas I ordered the traditional german sausage with pretzel bun and curry sauce and it was honestly so yummy. Far better than it looks haha! I ate every bit and enjoyed it.

Before you leave, you have to get some souvenirs! Usually the first thing I do when I arrive is get cute little minnie mouse ears to wear all day. The BEST store with the widest selection is on the right hand side right near the entrance, they even have headpieces where you can swap the bows in the middle to a design that you want most!

If you can, try and catch the parade which is always a fun thing to do to get into the atmosphere of it all. They usually feature characters from the most recent films such as Frozen or in this case it was Aladdin and Lion King, and they have colourful floats and skilled dancers. The pathways are sectioned off when Parades are about to start so you won’t be able to wander around too much if you are in the mainstreet area, so try get a nice spot on the side of the curb and enjoy!

For the quintessential shot with Disneyland Paris’s famous castle, sit *carefully* on the ledge where the seat grooves are, they are easy to reach as you can step on the seating area, and grab your little shot! It is usually quite busy so you might have to be patient to get the photo you want, but generally people are courteous and everyone can take their turn.

For non-scary rides:
If you’re a wimp like me and don’t enjoy rollercoasters or dips of any sort, this is my little list for you. You can basically go on most of the rides in Fantasyland as they are very relaxed and don’t have any drops. My favourites are It’s a Small World, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Peter Pan’s Ride, Storybook Land Boat Cruise, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (although this is a haunted house style), Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage, Captain Hook’s Boat, Thunder Mesa Riverboat.

For the big kid rides:
The best ones for those who want a bit of a thrill are Space Mountain (loved this as a kid), Pirates of the Caribbean (which features two small drops), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (a roller coaster where you dash through the temple as it crumbles) and Big Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster.

All in all, Disneyland Paris is such a wonderful place to go with friends, as a couple or with your family. There is something for everyone and I can guarantee that you will have the best time! Hope you enjoyed my guide and wishing you the most magical time in Disneyland Paris!

{press invite} I worked with Disneyland Paris on a gifted day pass basis, but as usual all opinions are honest and my own.

3 thoughts on “Your Guide to Disneyland Paris

  1. Hi Steph,

    Good guide and timely. Steve is planning to go to Paris next month, I cannot join him but told him he can visit Disneyland.

    I think he will be so happy if you send this guide to him, and other suggestions as you see fit. He also thinking of Vienna, I know you know Vienna very well, send him some tips also.

    Hope you are doing well. Will see you in HK in November. Already confirmed dinner for the Chan clan on either 11/28 or 11/29.





    1. Hi Uncle K!

      So lovely to hear from you and how wonderful, I will definitely send this guide to him along with any other guides to Paris. Unfortunately Vienna isn’t my expertise as I only visited once but I have a friend who lives there that might be able to offer some guidance.

      Looking forward to seeing you Uncle K, it’s been too long! Shall we do a dinner on 28 and a lunch on 29? Would be happy to see you for both days!

      Hope you’re well.

      Love, Steph


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