The Importance of Self Care Post Travelling

Travelling may be good for the soul but it may not necessarily be as good for your skin! From city pollution and hot sweaty weather to dehydration and bacteria on planes, travelling exposes your skin to different environments that it’s used to, and this can lead to excess shine, flaky dry patches or the worst – painful spots.

The best way I find to maintain my skin along the way is by drinking lots of water (hydration is key, especially on planes!) and using key products that you know will benefit your skin in the climate you are visiting.

Every time I come back from my travels, I make it a ritual to light some candles and unpack while I run a bath, to then give me skin some major R&R. There’s nothing quite like taking the time and having a quiet evening of relaxation and pampering after a hectic few days of sightseeing.


Usually if I have bit of time after unpacking and I want to catch up on TV shows, I’ll sit with my cup of tea and use my NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment to zap away any problem spots that might have popped up from my travels.

Usually I will travel with this product in my carry on just in case an angry spot comes up. The blue light targets acne causing bacteria while red light penetrated deeper to reduce inflammation, helping to reduce the appearance of spots.

It is clinically proven to treat spots fast, as it only takes 2 minutes, 3 times a day, and is perfect to fit in whilst watching a show or on‐the‐go!


There is nothing quite like using a refreshing wash to help remove dirt and oil that’s built up over the course of the day. Post‐travel I try to go make‐up free as I want my skin to take it easy, so a cleanser is essential for removing build up and impurities that might have gathered on your face from city pollution and more.

The NEUTROGENA® Refreshingly Clear Facial Wash with pink grapefruit and vitamin C is so refreshing and leaves my face feeling uplifted. It is developed to help imperfections, so it’s the perfect facial wash to tackle those pesky post‐ travel spots. The best part is that it cleanses without overdrying the skin, which makes it my favourite cleanser to use after flying!


My favourite part of a post‐travel routine is exfoliation. I love a gentle massage and it feels like it gives my skin a new life to start again.
Depending on the country I visit, I will have either slightly flaky skin from dry places such as California and Utah, or oily skin from sweating in hot places like Malta or Croatia. No matter the climate, it’s always good to give your skin a little gentle exfoliation.

The NEUTROGENA® Refreshingly Clear Daily Exfoliator with pink grapefruit and vitamin C is the perfect uplifting scrub to follow the facial wash. The formula is oil‐free and consists of natural exfoliators to help deeply cleanse without clogging pores. Once again, it’s perfect for post‐flight dehydrated skin as the formula doesn’t dry out your skin and prevents imperfections.


And finally, my favourite step, moisturise! I love the feeling of moisturising freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin.

It honestly leaves me feeling refreshed and silky soft, which is such a contrast to how my skin feels when I step off of a plane.’
‘To end my routine, I finish off with the NEUTROGENA® Refreshingly Clear Moisturiser, for 24‐hour hydration.

It’s refreshing, light and leaves your face smelling like pink grapefruit! I like how it is oil‐free as extremely oily moisturisers after travelling tend to shock my skin and make it break out, wheras I know this one is designed for blemish‐prone skin and so provides hydration without clogging pores.

So that’s my little self‐care skin routine for when I arrive back from travelling. I hope you enjoyed reading it and hope it inspires you to take some time for yourself!

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