My favourite gift guide, this is a list of all the luxury bits and bobs that are just the cutest presents for a friend, colleague or Secret Santa! Still makes you feel fancy, but in a tiny way. Everything is under £15 but I would absolutely love to receive any of these presents here below! Hope you enjoy it and why not treat yourself while you’re at it. With the year we have had, we deserve it!

Fonesca, £14.50
LSA International, £15
Le Creuset, £15
Le Creuset, £15
Huda Beauty, £14
Stach, £6
Harvey Nichols, £7.50
Savor & Sens, £8
Harvey Nichols, £9
Aesop, £10
Musgo, £15
58 Gin, £7
I Should Cocoa, £13
Marc Jacobs Beauty, £14
Butlers Chocolates, £9

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