Secrets Lanzarote: Best Adult Only All Inclusive in the Canaries

The only all-inclusive I visited prior to the gorgeous Secrets Lanzarote was one in Phuket during my grad trip, needless to say the standards were not quite up to par and I thought that all inclusive’s meant cheap rooms, average buffet food and fun but cheesy water aerobics in a sweaty pool. Then I arrived at Secrets Lanzarote for my first adults only luxury all inclusive stay and wow, was I in for a treat.

Only a short taxi transfer from Lanzarote airport, and right in the middle of Lanzarote’s beautiful volcanic landscape, the hotel is a gorgeous expanse of beautiful white buildings and glistening turquoise pools. The Spanish sun casting a golden glow over the space whilst tanned and relaxed couples lounge under tasteful straw umbrellas and sun loungers. The hotel is an instagrammer and pinterest wet dream, with the interiors bringing luxury modern chic to a pool set up and ensuring many many picture perfect corners for that ‘aesthetic’ holiday shot. From the moment we set foot into this glorious haven, we were immediately greeted by a lovely staff member with a tray of cold towels and a chilled glasses of Cava. She greeted us by saying ‘Welcome Home’ and we felt extremely welcome indeed.

We were put in one of the glorious Preferred Club Swim Up rooms and it was spectacular. The room is huge and features the largest linked king size beds I have ever seen. There is also something so satisfying about a swim up room to truly make you feel like you’re in luxury. I highly HIGHLY recommend booking a Preferred Club room, even at a lower room rate, as the Preferred Club status entitles you to the luxury members only pool area on the bottom of the resort. This area was by far our favourite in the whole resort and I would happily spend weeks on end reading from the comfort of my sun bed a step away from the glistening pool for a cooling dip. The elevated price is so worth it as this is the area that you would spend all your days lounging around, eating and drinking. This is also the spot where you will have beautiful sea views everywhere you look, as well as the best meals (Oceana in the evening is a seafood treat that you must visit if possible).

The food and service at Secrets was beyond expectation. Every single staff member were friendly, smiling and anticipated all our needs, not to mention they would remember us and our orders and were truly the kindest group. I have never felt quite so looked after and comfortable in a hotel before. Now let’s talk about the all inclusive, if you’re staying at the hotel 24/7 like us (we didn’t have a car so we weren’t in the mood for any exploring, this was a veg out by the pool and rejuvenate kind of holiday) which meant that the all-inclusive was extremely worth it. To the point where I don’t think I want to stay in a pool / beach holiday resort without all inclusive again. From gorgeous salad, freshly grilled seafood, robust local wines and the best Pina Coladas I have ever tasted, the fare offered at the many restaurants in Secrets Lanzarote was a dream. I didn’t expect much as it is an all-inclusive after all and after my experience in Phuket I really didn’t have any expectations, which made it all the more impressive when every bite was heavenly and the food and drink really blew me away. Iced oat lattes, chargrilled squid, seafood black rice, fresh scallop ceviche, these were just a few of the things on offer – and did I mention that it was unlimited? Yes, you can have seconds, thirds or even fourths of your favourite main or starter. There are no restrictions but your own, it is actual food heaven here and I am here for every delicious bite.

All in all, my only complaint is that I didn’t think to book a longer stay here. This hotel has opened my eyes to what an all inclusive can offer and I am happy to say I will always return to this beautiful beyond beautiful property for many many holidays to come.

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