A Tasting Menu Worth Tasting at Voro

As the skies turn from blue to golden rose and the light softly streams in through the glass windows, the waiters at Voro are quietly setting the tables up for the dinner service. The interiors in this Spanish fusion restaurant is a mix of wooden beams, intricate tiles and modern minimal surfaces, understated and comfortable but elegant. The real star of the show here is the exemplary cooking by Michelin starred chef Álvaro Salazar. With a wide mixture of textures, colours and flavours, the tasting menu was impressive with its bold creativity and delicious on the tongue. A highlight is the Sigh of Duck and Corn which combines a duck mousse with corn, the food of a duck to create a crispy, rich and extremely savoury flavour. The dish also comes in the shape of a bright yellow rubber duck. This creative tongue-in-cheek presentation continues on in the menu with the Crispy Suckling Pig created in the shape of a cute piggy standing amongst a bed of clovers. Another favourite is the Ochío with truffled chicken and sweet Brioche with noisette & galanga french toast. The wine tasting is worth mentioning as the in-house sommelier is extremely knowledgeable in the flavours that work best with the dishes served. Not to mention most of the wine selected is either local, so this is the perfect place for you to taste the best of current Mallorcan and Spanish wine. From start to finish, Voro was absolutely wonderful and extremely worth a visit.

10 course tasting menu starting at €96 per person at Voro by Park Hyatt Mallorca.

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