Park Hyatt Mallorca: A Photographer’s Heaven

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a special property that makes me question how such an extraordinary place could have existed without me knowing… the Park Hyatt Mallorca is a place like this. Nestled within the rolling Mallorcan hills and across from the glimmering blue sea is a stone village gently spread in a scatter of pale pink buildings and shiny cobblestones. The property is built to mimic a rustic Mallorcan village and what a beautiful creation it is. Complete with a square consisting of a clock tower and bubbling fountain, the Hotel is extremely picturesque, think Belle’s village in Beauty and the Beast picturesque. It is just amazing how a space can adjust and give your body the motivation to be still, to tell your mind to relax and and to ask your lungs to breathe, slowly. From the moment I stepped foot onto the cobblestone path, I genuinely felt all my worries and stress dissipate. The charming architecture mixed with the golden Mallorcan light puts this property on top of the list for photographer’s to photograph. From the curved arches in your personal terraces to the winding cobblestone paths which seem to lead windingly into the misty hills, every angle you turn seemingly presents a different postcard worthy scene. Below are our favourite spots for photographs in this stunning place, I hope this in turn will inspire you to visit this magnificent property. Trust me, this is a hotel stay you won’t forget.

Steph Yt Travels is hosted in the King Bed Valley View Room at the Park Hyatt Malloca, prices starting at Β£380 for one night.

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