Tuscan Vineyard Wine Harvest at Podere Concori

When in Tuscany, one must visit a vineyard si? Just a short 4 minute drive from the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco where we stayed lies the beautiufl family run vineyard Podere Concori. They are one of the first vineyards in this region to make organic and biodynamic wines, earning them recognition in the region and even a knighthood for the Patriarch and owner of the vineyard. The grounds are picture perfect and open to visitors year round for drop in visits or booked visits. As late September is when the grapes are harvested, we got to partake in the traditional way of making wine by stepping on the grapes in a giant barrel. It was such an experience and something that guests are able to experience if they visit during this time. The wines are aged in barrels and turned based on the position of the moon, there is something quite beautiful and poetic about that isn’t there? After all the photographs (as it is a highly instagrammable spot!), we ended our beautiful visit with a home-cooked lunch and wine tasting. From gorgeous handmade focaccia to extremely flavourful yet al dente pasta, the lunch was the perfect ending to a wonderful day out in the vineyards and the perfect place to visit on your weekend stay at Tuscany Renaissance Il Ciocco.

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