A Weekend in Northern Tuscany with Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco

Situated on the top of a winding, cypress lined path sits the rose and peach coloured walls of the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco. The hotel is gracefully perched on the top of a hill and overlooks the surrounding Tuscan villages, guaranteeing its guests glorious unblocked views from the pool, their beautiful “La Veranda” restaurant and a select few bedroom terraces. Waking up and strolling to their double glass doors in a soft hotel robe and welcomed by such a spectacular view makes the Renaissance Tuscany a truly special place unlike any in the region. Even in the late weeks of September, the warm Tuscan sun heats up the weather, turning a mild 14 degree day into one that is scorching at 23 degrees. It is the perfect place for those looking to escape the early clutches of Winter in the UK.

The pool is a glorious sparkling turquoise blue, visible from most windows and beautifully frames the scene with its swaying white umbrellas and sun-kissed Italian guests sipping sparkling San Pellegrino. The comfortable sun bed is the perfect place to sip a chilled glass of Aperol Spritz, laze around under the sun and get lost in a good read. If you get bored, you can look backwards to the sparkling pool or forwards to the magnificent valley.

The food at the Renaissance is heavily reflected on the history, season and tradition of the Northern Tuscan region with glorious local dishes such as the Papa al Pomodoro, a thick and hearty Tuscan tomato and bread soup, perfectly battered and crisp deep fried sage leaves and a gorgeously creamy (and highly recommended) Courgette Flower and White Truffle Risotto. On offer for those who want to try their hand at Tuscan cuisine, is a cooking class with the hotel’s master chefs, the perfect session for those who want to learn the proper Italian way to make fresh pasta amongst other seasonal dishes, followed of course, by a warm meal of your own making.

For those who like a spot of adventure, the Agriturismo Pian di Fume a 20 minute drive away, offers river rafting and trekking. We opted for a glorious trek through the ancient five medieval hamlets (5 borghi) followed by a gorgeous lunch on site. Read more about the Agriturismo Pian di Fume here!

The nearby area is surrounded by extremely charming Tuscan villages and local vineyards. One such that we visited is the Podere Concori vineyards just a short 4 min drive away. You can read more about our visit to the Podere Concori here!

`COVID NOTE: For those who are looking to travel somewhere for the weekend away from London, this would be the place. As of right now, Italy is still not on the quarantine list for travellers from the UK. The hotel makes it extremely clear that it takes safety extremely seriously with a thermometer scan at the entrance which only unlocks the door to allow guests to enter the hotel if their temperature is normal. Not to mention this region of Tuscany is wide and sparse with few people walking around, which makes it a great travel location for those who may be wary of being around many others. It definitely felt safer driving around and visiting areas here than it does walking around central London. So for those who are looking for an escape, this would be the place. As always, please stay safe and listen to the government guidelines. Also please respect the rules and regulations the hotel will enforce to keep their guests safe. Thank you!

This press trip and all experiences was organised by the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco, however as always all opinions and thoughts are fully my own.

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