This is an extremely special place to me and one that has created the happiest of memories every time I have been. Whitby holds such a precious place in my heart and I cannot wait to share with you my absolute favourite places and things to do in this wonderful part of the world.
For all you Londoners, hop on a train from Kings Cross to York (round trip at £80) and rent a car from the station. I would also recommend renting a car straight from London and driving up since you will need a car up there anyways! The drive is around 3 hours so stock up on water and make sure you have a nice road trip soundtrack at the ready!

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So the reason why this place is so special to me, is because every time we go we stay at the most darling seaside cottage in Whitby that belongs to my boyfriend’s father. Blue and white striped cushions, hand knit blankets and walking distance to one of the best fish and chip shops in town! I am so thankful of being able to stay in a place that is so well cared for and loved by its owners and as such cannot recommend a better way to explore the Yorkshire coast from a rented Air B&B. Preferably in Whitby, which is a great place for you to venture out and explore from.

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And now onto the fun parts – here is a little visual list of all my absolute favourite favourite places to visit when in this part of the world:

A gorgeous ruin to stop by before you drive on towards Whitby, there is something special about these half standing places of worship that are now one with nature.
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This is where the stunning classic English series ‘Brideshead Revisited’ was filmed – both the BBC series and the BBC film. Castle Howard has the most spectacular grounds and extremely worth a visit. From the rose gardens, lake, fountains to the building itself, it is a glorious way to spend the afternoon and celebrate one of the best examples of a English countryside architecture. Also an amazing place for scones and tea – the creamiest and fluffiest scones we have ever had !!

A great start to Yorkshire’s beaches, Robin Hood’s Bay has everything from small little restaurants and pubs to an expanse of ocean and cove for you to explore! One of my favourites for fossil and whitby jet hunting..,! They also have a dinosaur museum (yes please!) which doesn’t have that much, but still a good little spot to learn about the dinos that once roamed the Yorkshire Coast.
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If you take the scenic route to Whitby, you will drive through the striking Yorkshire Moors. It is a fantastic drive in itself and you will also pass by a huge crater that goes by the name of Horcum’s Hole. There are trails that go around the crater that you can explore if you fancy a nice hike, the views are grand and if you’re lucky there will be an ice cream truck in the parking lot where you can enjoy a well deserved Mr. Whippy!
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The beautiful seaside town of Whitby has so much to offer, not limited to fab restaurants, scrummy fish and chip shops and everything you can ever hope for in a quintessential english seaside town. Whitby also has a wealth of history; it is where Bram Stoker found inspiration for his famous novel Dracula (with Whitby Abbey making an appearance and where the name Dracula was found) and where Captain James Cook launched the HMS Endeavour on his first voyage into new territories. That said, there are also fun seaside arcades and lots of harbourside pubs to pass time and watch the sun set on the horizon.
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For those who don’t fancy eating out every night, take full advantage of being by the seaside and take a walk over to the Whitby Catch – a local fish mongers, for some fresh and delicious catches of the day. Their dressed crab is pretty spectacular! We normally get prawns and langoustines to make a garlic chilli seafood pasta (see below!), but you can also get some amazing fresh fish and lobster to pop on the grill. Cheap, cheerful and extremely indulgent….
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Here is a really special place for both of us, and is one of the nicest places for a little walk along the seaside. Runswick Bay is no-frills and just all about the gorgeous sweeping cliffs and large expanse of blue ocean. There is also a little cafe (cash only!) that serve a nice warm cup of tea and tea cakes that you can sit and enjoy with the view.

Hands down the most amazing place for a seafood feast dinner in Whitby. The Marine Hotel do a phenomenal seafood platter for two at £68 and include a full lobster, langoustines, whitby crab, oysters, prawns, marine gravadlax and crevettes. Pair this with a chilled bottle of sparkling and you have a fantastic evening out. Quite honestly the best seafood I have ever eaten in England and at such an amazing price for the amount you get!!
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One of my all time favourite places in all the world, this beautiful abbey has gorgeous lord of the rings vibes and is just absolutely spectacular. It is also extremely well maintained and has a glass cafe where you can sip on tea and snack on scones with the views of the abbey clear through the glass. Absolutely unmissable and just the most wonderful place. 
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The Yorkshire Coast is such a beautiful area of the world, I hope you enjoy this very special place as much as I have.

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    1. Literally such a beautiful place to grow up, lucky you!! I totally get what you mean, I prefer to use it more as a base to explore the natural bays, abbeys and sights around!!

      Big love xx


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