Pinterest Worthy Tuscan Lunch Aesthetics at Agriturismo Pian di Fume

In the Northern Tuscany region lies the Agriturismo Pian di Fume a 20 minute drive away from the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco. This Agriturismo offers a whole array of activities including river rafting, trekking and more and is situated up top in the beautiful mountains. We opted for a glorious trek through the ancient five medieval hamlets (5 borghi), although be warned that this trek that is most definitely not for the weak hearted, so make sure you arrived equipped with hiking shoes (and a decent amount of fitness as they give you hiking sticks for the tough parts) if you opt for the full trek. Unfortunately, as a group we were not prepared and luckily, were taken under their wing and driven directly to the second hamlet, skipping the main uphill climb but where we were still required to hike uphill for a decent 20 minutes before a leisurely stroll through the remaining charming hamlets.

The medieval hamlets are only occupied by a few residents as access is quite difficult and limited to car access. However, the houses that dot the villages are just stunning with their rustic architecture interlaced with tuscan farmhouse living aesthetics including front yards growing giant pumpkins and porches lined with freshly picked and drying porcini mushrooms. The locals here very much live off the land and that is further enforced by the abundance of herbs and flowers lining the hiking trails. I will never forget the fragrant wafts of lavender, sage and rosemary that engulfed my senses with every step we took. It is truly a special place and I would revisit just to experience those smells again!

However, the absolute highlight and reward of this trek is without a doubt the lunch at the end, situated directly on the charming grounds of the Agriturismo Pian di Fume. This family run Agriturismo lives off their land and as such we were rewarded with a steaming hot dish of Porcini mushroom Tagliatelle. Early October is Porcini season and so was picked by the father of this family owned business just the day before. The pasta is home made every morning and together is just the most gorgeous combination of simple yet mouthwateringly fresh flavours that cannot be recreated with supermarket ingredients. For starters, they served a choice of Tuscan Antipasti, but I went for a glorious Steak Tartare which paired perfectly with a carafe of their house red. Finally to finish, we got to try an extremely creamy yet fluffy homemade tiramisu, the perfect sweet ending to an otherwise wonderful day out in Tuscany.

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